Life of the River (2001)

Life of the River (2001)

Welcome to Patagonia and Chile's pristine Rio Futaleufú, a 100-mile-long cerulean stripe that roars out of the Andes with unbridled fury from Argentina, across the top of Patagonia to the Pacific. For the last two decades, the Fú has been a well-guarded secret among the elite rafters and kayakers of the world, and rightfully so. But the Fú's future might be in jeopardy. Chile has few environmental policies to protect such wild places, and plans for damming the Futaleufú to provide hydroelectric power have been floating around for more than a decade. Viewers join travel writer Rick Montgomery along "the greatest whitewater on earth" to learn not only the true meaning of adventure, but also the threat of America's largest power company and its fight to control the mighty river and how the community has come together to fight back.

Release: December 31, 2001

Duration: 1:47:31 Min



Subtitles: English