Forgive And Forget (2008)

Forgive And Forget (2008)

Alice returns to Hong Kong from Taiwan with great sadness. Two weeks ago, Alice's boyfriend ANDY (Andy On) passed away in an automobile accident. A month before the accident, Alice found out Andy has been cheating and decided to break off their relationship. Alice never thought the day they broke up would also be the last time she saw him. Alice is back in Hong Kong after receiving an invitation for a memorial service that Andy's friends are holding in his memory. During her stay, she moves into Andy's home, their home. Alice is familiar with every table, every chair, every cranny and nook, but now, it's no longer theirs or Andy's, she spends her day retracing their past in pain.

Release: August 28, 2008

Duration: 88 Min


Languages: 广州话 / 廣州話, 普通话

Subtitles: English, Mandarin